Which Vaccine Is Better Covaxin Vs Covishield?

India waits with bated breath for the vaccination to the process of beginning. There seems to be a war of vaccines, that have now emerged the two approved vaccines for emergency use that a serum institute produced and made a solid shield. Bharat biotech produces Copaxone.

So on we thought let do a head-to-head comparison, India now has not one but two vaccines the question, however, is how are they different from each other is one better than the other and given a choice which one should you get for this let's do a head-to-head comparison of the two its oxford versus Bharat biotech that's kovid19 shield versus coaxing now, to begin with, dark biotech is an indigenous vaccine completely made in India.

India's top scientists from the national institute of virology and the ICMR have worked tirelessly on its technology and Bharat biotech a Hyderabad-based pharma company is going to manufacture. It now oxford on the other hand while not made in India will be manufactured in India oxford AstraZeneca as the name suggests was built by scientists in the oxford university AstraZeneca is their production partner and the India element.

Here is that serum institute of India has got the license to manufacture it here in the country now apart from that both are two-dose vaccines both can be stored in refrigerator temperatures which make it storage friendly as well but when it comes to efficacy that's the big controversial question while oxford has been tested for efficacy of 70 per cent Baharat biotech's efficacy is still unknown though the internal assessment of the vaccine in phase 1 and phase 2 of the trial shows that it is effective by about 60 however it is not a dependable data as it has not been peer-reviewed and the actual efficacy can only be known after phase three trials complete trials which are another major differentiator between the two while oxford has done around 40,000 trials across the globe through the course of its three phases Baharat biotech has tested vaccines only on about 25 800 people in fact they are struggling at this point to get more volunteers to complete phase three now let's move on to the technology part biotech short is an inactivated vaccine meaning the scientists at the navy identified the India strain of the virus and figured out that if you induce that inactivated or dead virus in the body our body then mimics the strain and develops antibodies against cova-19 it's like how imagine one gets coveted and then antibodies come in this is the same procedure without actually getting it with a shot on the other hand oxford short is a viral vector vaccine.

The virus that causes chimpanzees to get the common cold is altered to make it look like covet and because it looks like coronavirus the body's immune system then begins to produce antibodies and the cells to fight it apart from that there is also a major differentiator in price which again Baharat biotech has not been very clear with but their head does go on to say that it will be as cheers a bottle of water so Kapoor ND to all right so now that you've understood what exactly are the differences between the two vaccines.

Now let's throw it open tour guest this evening we've got uh dry senile germ advisor to incur somebody who's worked very actively on these vaccines as well dry Puente Mishra is a professor at the center of community medicine at Ames the who fellow as well thanks for joining us today we also have doctors hard man Singh he is the director for Ames Bhopal and dry prison Chatterjee associate professor for genera tics uh medicine at Ames.

The most obvious question at this point when it comes to the effectiveness of the vaccine is...

how do you think at the moment Baharat biotech fares against the one developed and will be produced by sedum institute you see let me first bring it to your attention that all the three vaccines whether we talk of Pfizer modern AstraZeneca those vaccines also have not gone into phase four where we will know the actual effectivity of the vaccine but where you see when we look at the Baharat biotech vaccine also when you talked about the number of volunteers and all 25 000 is not a small number when we talk of phase one phase two and phase three of the trial in fact you know for all the phases we have looked at the safety of the trial we have looked at the immunogenicity of the trial and we are also looking at the zero conversion part. That means still how long the, you know the antibodies are staying so that means efficacy as of the initial this thing is also more than 60 per cent which is there so that is where we and then another part which is there is that that it Isa very safe we have not got any major side effects apart from you know pain or it can be you know little fever which subsides in 24 hours so that is my first reaction to this right so I feel that you know the vaccine is fairly comparable to all the other vaccines.

It is also emergency use backup vaccine by the time we right but doctor what am I trying to understand if you take a pause by the time you get this vaccine as well my question is in two falls one at this point nobody is questioning that it's not safe the question here is ineffective that's number one and second isn’t it true dry garb at this point that Bharat biotech and iris struggling to get volunteers to try and actually complete its phase three trials all right I’m not sure if the doctor got managed to listen to that question let me take it tough dry prison Chatterjee over there you know all right a bit of delay over there let me bring in the doctor personal charity over there your thoughts are when it comes to the effectiveness of both the vaccines dark strategy all right not getting through that one as well let me try my luck with

"Dr. puneet Mishra says how effective the biotech vaccine is going to be we saw very combative"  so what happens in the past two trials we take the healthy volunteer for the vaccine and inject the vaccine doses and seethe uh the production of antibody and the response of how much antibody it is produced we see the neutralizing antibody so basically we see what is the increase in the chatter of the antibodies through which we know okay this vaccine whether it is capable of producing enough antibodies each so I’m coming to that so this is up to phase two so hush virus biotech they have completed k2data and it has shown that it is producing neutralizing antibodies such as that amount which is required to prevent the infection now what happens in phase one and phase two we take the healthy volunteers because the risk is more and when it comes to phase3.

We do large scale trial so that kind of uh biotech has not been established yet so are you saying it is not appropriate to go ahead with it even with emergencyuselet give me two more time let me explain let me complete and then I’ll answer the new question if you have quotes former so what happens in the press details what they are doing see here they have in the embryogenicity but forth phase three all the vacuum manufacturer what they are doing they are giving back team and Plato to uh those who participated in trial and they see when the definite number of people there are they develop you know kovid19 they come with positive from that population then they see what percentage of people that very crucial third phase has not completed for Baharat biotech and the fact that they are struggling to get even volunteers to do that at the moment how do you think or what in your opinion is it okay to have a vaccine like that rolled outies see this is emergency use operation we are struggling in the sense that uh uh it is a situation of pandemic so at the pandemic time we have to get the vaccine and till now whatever we can see have their robots immediate which is proving that yes it is giving the immunity so that kind of information here we have already got if you talk about for example the serum institute vaccine we don't know how it is behaving the Indian population for that matter you know so whatever evidence we have we are working with that evidence till that time more reviewers are coming up so I feel the evidence let me let me hold you there isn’t it true that icmrhas actually aided the serum institute to conduct trials here in India as well and they have conducted yeah that'shappenedno but but uh how many people they have enrolled here and and the other thing is uh I think the result for the Facebook or the serum institute than India probably they are awakened because haven’t seen the reports I am not questioning institute or biotech what I am saying in the pandemic situation the emergency is organization okay I get your point let me bring inlet me bring in under Singh now he's the director at Ames Bhopal also very senior virologist in the country thank you so much for patiently waiting for your turn just wanted to understand from you want to move away from efficacy at the moment because so much has been talked about it already just purely based on tech because that is also so different in the two vaccines if you see how do you think one weighs against thither I think this is a very pertinent question and let me tell you because even though biotech data is I was listening which is your valid question but before that the technology part is concerned this similar technology inactivated virus has been used in chinasincelast six months they started in maysynovialis the company so they started thistrialand November issue of Landsat they have already published it and the efficacy has been found around83 percent to be very precise uh after two doses so that and uh the neutralizing and antibodies they saw that this was very very you know significant number so about 95 percent the technology which has been used by the bharatpaya attack is same as used by cyan back that is inactivated virus chemically inactivated bay beta prop electron.

Which is a chemical whole virus is there all you know skeleton of the virus and the spike protein and everything is there so the whole inactivated virus is injected and what they found that if you give three microgram or six microgram obviously six microgram was uh obviously it is a little higher tools so then it it was 83 and when it wasgivenabout three microgram dose then it was about 70 per centos taking the analogy of the synovial company which China has already published the data and they are using it for last six months uh so I I think the safety is not a concern and theefficacyyou know on the same line should be somewhere about 70 to 80 percent the bus come bust out now coming toyourprobably the previous question if I can chip in it is true that you know phase three data is not in public domain but we also know that you knowhydroxyquinolonever met in uh you know uh have parboil all these drugs were also used without clinical trial you know they were not our cities were not done and ultimately they were also found to be you know not of much significance so in emergency situation this kind of things do happen the safety is most important so that you know the the even if it is not effective no uh volunteer or patient should die or should have major side effects which are you know lifelong paralyzing or something like that even if there are some minor things fever or pain I think on the line of youknowevery methane or the hydroxyquinolone or other drugs they were used left and right and you know everybody you know prescribed by governments actually so think that way we can justify this uh you know licensing all right that's very important point there being really quickly try

Biotech is struggling to get volunteers for stage three you see uh if you were to ask me if we have to re through twenty-seven or twenty years which is a huge number and we have been able to get twenty-three thousand volunteers against the whole thing that vaccine is going to come very soon think 23,000 itself is a large number and we are taking the individuals from 12 years onwards as has been mentioned and we are taking co-morbid individuals the data is sufficient to provide as against you know the otherwise public knowledge.

It is you know basically the whole data will come very soon in the public domain because we have to just wait for a month so that we complete the space 3 trial and in the meanwhile we have another drug which is already there we have got 60 million doses of serum institute of India without you know putting any repercussions we have to go in a scientific manner that this is the first drug which will be utilizing as soon as park biotech is available because no one drug is going to meet the needs of the country that is one thing which we have to understand absolutely there will be not even that maybe that these two drugs may not evensurprisethem we may need a third drug as well right so we have to behave in a very organized for example scientific mannerrightright on that note let me quickly slip into a break when we come back we’ll talk about a point that dry gorges also raised which has now become a bit of controversy about using kids above 12 and children them being used in these trials oh is it good is it bad is it a general template use for all vaccines we’ll talk about that on the other side of this right quick rig stay tuned you’re watching fyi welcome back you're watching where we are discussing and talk about this angle that has come up now doctor's saying lots have been said today about the fact that uh children above 12 years of age have also been used in the course of these trials is that standard practice or is this newborn should we be concerned I I think usually this was earlier this was not the objective of this vaccine but recently what happened that you know news train which emerged and which has reached India also and right now there is no basil which has been tried in the children less than 16 years or the pregnant woman or something like that and this strain has been found to beequallyinfectious to children also as against the previous system which was wildest and we can says probably considering that the technical experts must have advised theco-vaccinebiotech product that they should includethisgroup also so that in future if you know these children can also be vaccinated so that may be their changed strategy uh which probably they might have not thought earlier but now this is the consideration that new strain is moreinfectiousin uh all population including the children so that may be the region that they have biotech in that way has sort of an edge because they have been able to test it over serum institute serum institute has not done it on kids above 12 right so that is actually at an advantage here is that correct today yes exactly exactly all right absolutely let me let me bring in dry senile gorgon this as well is that the reason why manes because you see now since we havegotmuted mutated virus with mutation and which has shown that this mutant virus can affect children in fact children as well so think in long run this will be a better option because by the time we would have conducted the trials and we would have known the safety immunogenicity and efficacy in children as wells this is a very plus point of thisvaccineand right now we have to think you knowing a very broad manners to because we do not know how this virus is going to behave in future in terms of infectivity till today you know we have got you know34 individuals who have found to be affected with different mutant strains and the plus part is that they are going to or rather I’ll say the important part is that they are going to infect children so then we will need avaccinewhich is going to you know protect children also and we also know as of today from our knowledge that children get infection they get cured easily.

If you had a choice of both the vaccines being available to you?

had biotech and you had serum institute which one could you go for a very difficult question to answer but can tell you one thing immunogenicity is important which has been proven through both the vaccine and no vaccine is going to give us hundred per cent immunity against any infection in fact even we give pneumonia back we give flu vaccine so the purpose is here that some immunogenicity should be there with you as well as you continue your covet behaviour that is very very important both the vaccine has proven that they amount good amount of immunogenicity regarding safety also both of them has worked only thingies what you are discussing through throughout the things that we need to continue the phase three trial for biotech which is spending but which will be done soon. I feel both the vaccine are safe and there is no confusion on that is very important. 


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