Refund details - Railways cancels all train tickets till June 30 (Indian Railways)

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Indian railways suspend all tickets till 30th June 2020 cause of COVID 19. 

Indian railways allowed only shramik and goods transportation will be allowed during these days. All the passenger and students who book train tickets earlier, their refund will proceed in a few days and all the ticket holder will get back their refund respectively.

Railway also record passenger addresses -

Through the IRCTC platform railways record all the details including the address of the ticket holder because if a person found ill due to coronavirus so they can track the complete details of the person and travel history too that also safe for the co-passengers and their family too. However, this is not applicable for shramik special train, this train will be respectively operated.

You don't need to cancel the ticket.

Passenger doesn't need to come online and cancel tickets those who already hold the ticket will be cancelled and refund proceed in the respective account you use while booking you tickets.

As per the new orders from the Indian railways from 1st May shramik train and 12th May special train will be on track without any rescheduling from IRCTC end. Now the railway opens the booking platform for the month of June that will be the normal train will be on track from June itself.

Moreover, 2 lakh people already booked the train and railway has to refund 45.30 crores to the ticket holders.

Conclusion -
  • Special and Shramil Train will be on track without any rescheduling.
  • Ticket holder will get refund fully.
  • Railway have close the booking till 30th June 2020.


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