Eid Namaz to be performed at home in lockdown, Islamic Center of India will teach method through FB

eid 2020 - Due to Coronavirus, this time people will have to offer eid prayers at home.

Id-ul-Fitr in Arabic means the 'festival of breaking the fast'. Eid ul Fitr is called sweet Eid. On this day eid 2020 the Islamic Center of India will tell people about the manner and Khutba (discourse) of Eid prayers on its page about five days in advance of Eid.

Eid 2020 - After Ramzan, now Eid is also preparing to help people to read Eid prayers through the Islamic Center of India (ICI) Facebook page, amidst the strong possibility of being in lockdown.

New Delhi - Rakat Namaz or the Id-special prayers are performed in the morning at the mosque but due to this pandemic coronavirus, the ICI had arranged through its official Facebook page to recite Quran Sharif in the special Namaz which is recited during Ramadan. Now, about five days before Eid, he will tell the people about the method and Khutba (discourse) of Eid prayers on his page.

ICI President Shahar Qazi Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahli said on Wednesday that after Ramadan, Eid too may have passed in lockdown. In such a situation, people will also have to offer Eid Namaz at home. Ramadan Eid 2020 prayers are different from other prayers. Since this namaz is read-only in Eid and Bakrid, often people do not remember the complete way to pay it.

He told that Eid is likely to happen on 25th May. The Islamic Center of India will now show a way of offering Eid prayers on its web page daily from next 20 May, so that people will remember. In this, it will be told how to offer Eid prayers at home. This sequence will last till Eid prayers. For this, a link to the webpage will be sent to a maximum number of Muslim people.

Maulana Rashid said that it is necessary to hear the Khutba read before and after this Namaz. Since often people do not have information about Khutbe, it will also be told through the web page. So that your prayers are done and Khutba also. This will also give the personal satisfaction that he has performed the Eid prayers.

He said that the Khutba read in Urdu before Eid prayers will be given online. But after Namaz, you have to give yourself a Khutba read in Arabic. The easiest way to do that is to read Durud Sharif and Sure Asr in the second Khutba. This will be considered complete. In such an emergency, this is the way to offer Eid prayers and read and listen.

eid 2020 - Indian Muslim Celebrate eid ul Fitr in Jama masjid last year
Maulana Rashid said that all Muslims should follow the lockdown declared due to coronavirus infection. In the case of Eid prayers, the same rule will have to be followed. For this reason, the ICI had also issued a fatwa in the past in connection with offering Eid Namaz in the house amid the lockdown.

Significantly, this time the prayers of Taraweeh, which is recited in Ramadan, were also performed in the houses due to the mosques being closed amid lockdown. It is necessary to hear at least one Quran Sharif in this Namaz. ICI had recited Quran Sharif to people on its web page for this.


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